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ESPN's Dan Dakich Got Owned By Colleague Jeff Goodman On Twitter

The two ESPNers had a nice back-and-forth.

Radio host and college basketball commentator Dan Dakich is known for sharing his opinions, no matter who may not like it. Dakich seemingly lives to be confrontational or push buttons.

Twitter is Dakich's favorite medium for trading blows with fans, trolls, media members, players and whoever else wants to get involved.

Today, Dakich, whose show is on an ESPN affiliate and calls games for ESPN, exchanged jabs with ESPN college hoops writer Jeff Goodman.

It all started with a tweet from Goodman about Michigan State sophomore star Miles Bridges, who got off to a slow start in today's comeback win over Maryland.

"Always loved Miles Bridges because he can be a matchup nightmare due to his versatility ... but nearly half of his shots have been 3's this season. Still having a terrific season," Goodman tweeted.

Dakich responded by saying that Bridges "has no game."

Goodman countered with Bridges' points per game and rebounding averages, saying they dispelled the notion he has no game. That's when Dakich landed his first punch.

Goodman was unfazed. He ribbed Dakich back about his own sophomore stats at Indiana in the 1980s.

">January 28, 2018

">January 28, 2018

">January 28, 2018

Dakich had a couple of more salvos left in his tank. This is how the convo ended.

Dan Dakich and Jeff Goodman beef on Twitter.

To be fair, Dakich's point about Bridges wasn't that he wasn't talented or didn't have athletic ability. Here's how he described "having game" and what he felt Bridges lacks.

Dakich also tweeted what we know. He loves the back-and-forth.

Surely it will only be a matter of time before this sort of thing happens again.