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Indiana AD Fred Glass On Possible Renewal Of Rivalry With Kentucky: "Hope Springs Eternal"

John Calipari's press conference after close win vs. LSU.


After playing every season from 1969-70 to 2011-12, Indiana and Kentucky put their basketball rivalry on pause due to a disagreement over where the games should be played. Coming off the dramatic buzzer beater win at Assembly Hall in 2011, Indiana preferred on campus games, while Kentucky's John Calipari was fine moving the entire series to neutral Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis. Luckily for those of us who love good college basketball rivalries, the two sides may work out a solution in the very near future, according to Indianapolis Business Journal's Anthony Schoettle:

With temperatures warming and the first flowers starting to sprout here in Indiana, IU Athletic Director Fred Glass is feeling optimistic that maybe—just maybe—the Hoosiers’ hoops rivalry with the University of Kentucky can be renewed.

There appears to be reason for optimism. Kentucky officials confirmed this week to the IBJ that conversations between the two schools have recently taken place about reviving one of the biggest rivalries in men's college basketball.

Indiana athletic director Fred Glass seems pretty confident that things are at least moving in a positive direction between the two programs.

IU supporters speculate that bitter loss elevated Calipari’s desire not to play in Bloomington. Glass is ready to let bygones be bygones.

“Things evolve. Hopefully, things have cooled down, passions have cooled since our last conversation and we can revisit this,” Glass told IBJ. “I’d definitely like to make another run at [putting a deal together to restore the rivalry]. Hope springs eternal.”

While personally, we prefer the atmosphere of on-campus games, having Indiana and Kentucky face off in Indianapolis or wherever else is better than not having a series at all. Here's to hoping that the Hoosiers and Wildcats find a way to tip off come December.