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Indiana Basketball Makes No Sense This Year

Indiana loses a game to Nebraska in basketball.

The Hoosiers are confusing.

Indiana lost to Nebraska tonight. In basketball. At home.


We're not really sure how this happened, but confusion is a theme for Tom Crean's talented squad this year.

Indiana opened the season with a ridiculously impressive 103-99 win against then-No. 3 Kansas.

A couple of weeks later, the Hoosiers fell to Fort Wayne.

About a week after that loss, IU topped then-No. 3 North Carolina in Bloomington.

Since then, Crean and Co. have lost twice - to Butler and to the Huskers.

Indiana, at its best, can probably contend for a national championship. The Hoosiers, at their worst, can apparently lose at home to a Nebraska team that's 7-6 with a loss to Gardner-Webb.

Figure out who you are, Indiana.