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Indiana Football Tweets Out Phone Number So SEC Teams Can Schedule Hoosiers

The Indiana Hoosiers aren't exactly known for their football prowess, but they do play in one of the five most powerful leagues in the country. So when the SEC announced a rule change that forces teams to play at least one game against another team from a power conference, Yahoo's Pat Forde just tweeted what a lot of people in college football were thinking...

">April 27, 2014

But regardless of whether Forde has a point, whoever runs Indiana's Twitter account gave the perfect response.

">@YahooForde (812) 855-2794

— Hoosier Football (@HoosierFootball)

.@YahooForde (812) 855-2794

— Indiana Football (@HoosierFootball) April 28, 2014

">April 28, 2014

To be fair, there are teams in power conferences that have had worse recent histories. But Indiana has reached just one bowl game in the past 20 years, which, needless to say, isn't very impressive. Maybe if they can schedule a few SEC teams in the near future, they'll be able to recruit at least a little better.