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Indiana Professor Told Tom Crean's Daughter That Her Father Was Fired As April Fools' Prank

Tom Crean's tenure at Indiana has yielded mixed result, and many Hoosier fans don't believe he has lived up to expectations. As Crean's eighth season in Bloomington kicks off, CBS Sports college basketball analyst Gary Parrish wrote a great feature on the embattled Hoosiers head coach. The most interesting anecdote does not come from the Assembly Hall, however. It is from an IU classroom. Crean's wife Joani tells a story about an awful April Fools' joke played on their daughter Megan, an Indiana student, by one of her professors.

Equally hard was what happened to Megan Crean, Tom and Joani's oldest child.

She's a student at Indiana.

"Megan is remarkable," Joani said before telling a story that … well, man, listen to this story.

"One of her professors, on April 1, announced to the class that Tom Crean got fired," Joani said. "He said 'Tom Crean was fired this morning.' And Megan was sitting in the class. And people cheered. And then the professor said … 'April Fools!'"

I mean, can you imagine? You're a student, sitting in class, surrounded by friends, and your professor is joking about your father being fired. And your classmates are cheering.

This, in a nutshell, is life for Tom Crean and his family here in Bloomington -- and it's been this way, for one reason or another, for the better part of seven years.

Whether or not you think Crean deserves to still be at his job, pranking his daughter like that is a pretty absurd move. Luckily, Megan seems to have the thick skin that her father's had to develop. Crean has a very talented Hoosiers team this year, and is off to a 2-0 start. If things go according to plan, Megan could very well have the last laugh.

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