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Video: Indiana Star Yogi Ferrell's 6th Grade Rap Song Suggests He Wanted To Go To Duke, Then Didn't

He also advocates washing your butt.

Deep down inside, most of us, at one point or another, dream of being a famous musician. So is true for Indiana star guard Yogi Ferrell, who in sixth grade recorded a pretty amusing rap track. His former classmate uploaded it to YouTube this week:

"So I just found my computer from 6th grade and this video (from seven years ago) was on my hard drive. I have no idea how or why this was on here but I thought I'd share haha. If I remember correctly, back in 6th grade at Park Tudor we had a business fair (in Mr Weymuth's class) where every student had to sell a product...this was his product haha. In case someone cares, this was posted with yogi's permission."

Two parts of the song really stick out. One concerns Ferrell's desire to play for Duke, which is compromised because his cousin "goes" there. 

I wanna play for Duke, but my cousin goes there and his name is Duke.
Ew, nasty, he goes there. I don't wanna go there, I don't care.

The other is about washing your butt and eating Pizza Hut.

Next thing you know can you wash your feet, wash your underarm, wash your butt?
In ten minutes, can you eat that Pizza Hut?