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Video: Ted Cruz Calls Hoop A "Basketball Ring", Ruins Iconic 'Hoosiers' Scene

Republican presidential hopeful Ted Cruz is on even thinner ice after losing all five East Coast primaries yesterday, further widening the gulf between himself and leading candidate Donald Trump. 

Incredibly, those losses might not be the worst thing that happened to Cruz on Tuesday. The Texas senator's monumental gaffe while campaigning in Indiana probably takes the cake.

Stumping at the gym where parts of the iconic movie Hoosiers was filmed, Cruz attempted to re-create the scene where Gene Hackman's character measures the height of the hoop at the state title game to show his players it's the same 10-feet standard. One issue: Cruz called it a "basketball ring" instead of a hoop.

You can watch his awkward mistake below.

Look, Ted, if you're going to misspeak about basketball on the campaign trail, just about the worst place you could do it is in Indiana.

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