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Alabama Fan Makes "Talk To Your Kids About Undefeated Iowa" Video

Alabama fan playing with his kids.

undefeated iowa spoof video

Iowa is 7-0 on the year and doesn't play another ranked squad for the rest of the regular season, leading many to speculate that the Hawkeyes could have a shot at the College Football Playoff, should they be able to upset the Big Ten East champion in the league's title game. That has some worried.

An Alabama fan named Joe Borden, who is a writer for Tosh.O, put together a spoof that pokes fun at Iowa's offense, defense and schedule. It's titled "Talk To Your Kids About An Undefeated Iowa."

Iowa may not have the resume to compete with the likes of Alabama, but if the Hawkeyes finish 13-0, they'll certainly have a chance to prove they belong. Borden doesn't seem to have much faith.