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Colin Cowherd: "Iowa Is Like A C-Student Who Got An 'A' On A Test"

By now it's clear that Fox Sports' Colin Cowherd is skeptical about Iowa. Previously, Cowherd dismissed the Hawkeyes as "frauds" and predicted they would lose to Nebraska. That didn't happen, but it hasn't stopped him from criticizing the Big Ten West champs.

Yesterday, on his daily show, Cowherd categorized the Hawkeyes as "historically C-students who brought home some A's" and got them in "home economics and gym." Citing Iowa's lack of resume and recent success compared to Ohio State and others, Cowherd maintained his cynical attitude toward Kirk Ferentz's bunch, though he has softened his stance slightly. 

Will Cowherd be eating some crow when the Hawkeyes beat Michigan State Saturday? Or will he have been right all along?