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Derrell Johnson-Koulianos Went On An Absolute Tirade About Iowa Coach Kirk Ferentz On Twitter

Book coming?
Kirk Ferentz wearing a hoodie on the sideline.

Derrell Johnson-Koulianos, for those who don't remember, was a star wide receiver for the Iowa Hawkeyes from 2007-2010, and still owns the records for most receiving yards and career receptions in school history. But DJK, as he was/is known, was arrested and charged with numerous drug-related crimes in December of his senior season, leading to a suspension for his team's bowl game. While the result of the arrest eventually became a simple marijuana possession guilty plea, DJK was never able to find work in the NFL, despite having the physical talents necessary.

Many have theorized that his former coach, Kirk Ferentz, may have "blackballed" him from the NFL due to a strained relationship between the two. Whether or not it's true, the former wide receiver is soon going to release a tell-all book that, we're guessing, is going to be a scathing account of what he claims goes on behinds closed doors at Iowa. Ahead of its release, DJK went OFF today on Twitter.

This is just a portion of what he said. For reference, KF = Kirk Ferentz.

This should be an interesting book, to say the least.