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Ed Cunningham Says The Iowa vs. Florida Outback Bowl Was The "Last Straw" Ahead Of His Resignation

Iowa kicker Marshall Koehn kicks a 57 yard field gaol to win the game.


Ed Cunningham has resigned from his position at ESPN, and one game in particular was apparently the "last straw" ahead of his decision.

Wednesday morning, the New York Times reported that ESPN football analyst Ed Cunningham had resigned from his position with the Worldwide Leader because he could not "in good conscience" go on working for a network that supported the multibillion operation that is football because of brain trauma.

It turns out there is one game in particular that was the "last straw" for Cunningham ahead of his decision.

Cunningham was very turned off by how Iowa left in quarterback C.J. Beathard during the final two minutes of the team's 30-3 blowout loss in the Outback Bowl to Florida.

Here's more:

The last straw, he said, was working the Outback Bowl in December, when he saw the Iowa quarterback C.J. Beathard hobbled, taking hits and being left in the game until the final two minutes of a 30-3 blowout loss to Florida. Beathard went on to be taken in the third round of the N.F.L. draft by the San Francisco 49ers. The bowl game (“a game that means less than zero,” Cunningham said) still rankles Cunningham.

“I know some of the coaches from that team, known them for years,” he said. “And it was hard for me not to walk down after the game and just say: ‘Dudes, what are you doing? Really? What are you doing?’ These are just kids.”

You can see footage of the fourth quarter of that game below.

ESPN has not commented on Cunningham's departure.