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Fan Put Together An Amazing Graphic Showing Every Iowa Game Ever

Every Iowa game in one handy chart.

Iowa football has played over 1,000 games in in its extensive history, and now thanks to one fan you can see the result of every single game in one interactive chart.

Twitter user @RodyZakovich designed a site that allows fans of any FBS team to see their team’s entire game history, and it’s pretty remarkable.

(Note: The data is somewhat incomplete as some seasons from the late 1800s/early 1900s are not included.)

Here’s a screenshot of what it looks like for Iowa, but you need to visit the site to get the full effect:

Each column represents a season, and each square represents an individual game, with blue squares as wins and yellow squares as losses.

So if you’ve ever wondered how the Hawkeyes fared in their fourth game of the season in 1955, now you’ll be able to find out with ease (they tied with Purdue, 20-20, by the way).

Head on over to the website here, and prepare to get lost for a couple hours.