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Iowa Coach Fran McCaffery Told His Team Not To Shake Hands With North Dakota After Controversial Ending

Iowa and North Dakota did not shake hands after their contest on Tuesday night.

Typically, in the final seconds of a basketball game, if the contest is no longer in doubt, players on the team with the lead will dribble out the clock, facing no opposition from the team trailing. That didn't happen on Tuesday night, and Iowa head coach Fran McCaffery was less-than-enthused about it.

Iowa's Nicholas Baer, with his team holding an 11-point lead, attempted to dribble out the clock after a North Dakota turnover. But Fighting Hawks senior guard Corey Baldwin stole it from him and passed it to a teammate, attempting to tighten the score on the last play of the game. McCaffery was so upset he had his team storm off the court without shaking hands.

The basket didn't count, but clearly, that didn't matter to Iowa's head coach. Here's what he had to say after the contest:

“I wasn't pleased with how the game ended and the things that happened," he said. "I will say this: I have a lot of respect for Brian and certainly (North Dakota assistant coach) Jeff Horner. I don't think they teach that kind of stuff, but I was not having it. That's not the way to play.”

Iowa takes on Delaware State on Thursday night.