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Video: This Diehard Iowa Fan Painted His House Black And Gold, Has 11 Tigerhawk Tattoos

An exterior view of an Iowa Hawkeye fan's house


There might not be a more diehard Iowa fan than Cory Brown.

The Rippey, Iowa native was featured in a recent story by KCCI, as his black and gold Iowa-themed house draws a lot of attention around town. However, it is not only his house that features the school's Tigerhawk logo. The Iowa fan has 11 Tigerhawks tattooed on his body, including the side of his head, as well as a portrait of Kirk Ferentz, who he calls the best coach in college football, and Cy the Cardinal, rival Iowa State's mascot, on fire.

Brown originally painted his house after being asked to do so by his insurance company. He wasn't told a specific color however, so he went with Hawkeye black and gold, and eventually wound up with a giant Tigerhawk on the front. Now, his garage, stepping stones, rose bushes, and rock garden are all in Iowa colors. From an earlier KCCI story:

Brown said his insurance company told him he needed to paint his house, so he did. It's covered in the University of Iowa Hawkeye colors of black and gold.

"But they didn't say how to paint it so," said Brown. "I just kept going and going and going."

Once the house was completed, then the garage begged to be next.

If there's a bigger Iowa fan than Cory Brown, we'd be very surprised. We're sure he was pretty thrilled with this weekend's big Cy-Hawk Game win.