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Iowa Fans Troll Entire SEC With "Talk To Your Kids" Video

An Iowa fan makes a video about the myth of the SEC.

iowa fans sec myth video

Iowa, which is now 8-0 on the season after handling Maryland this past Saturday, is getting closer and closer to finishing the regular season undefeated and having the chance to play for a Big Ten title. Two weeks back, an SEC fan had a little fun with the idea of an undefeated Iowa, and created a spoof video to trash the Hawkeyes. Well, it looks like an Iowa supporter has responded.

In the below video, an Iowa fan tells his kids about the "SEC myth" - which consists of the league controlling its own narrative. He jokes that boosters pay SEC players. There are also shots at Vanderbilt and Nebraska.

The best part of all? He eats "sour grapes" near the end. It's an appropriate response to last week's video - even if SEC fans don't like it.