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What Big Ten Coaches Are Saying Anonymously About Iowa

Here’s what the conference’s coaches are saying anonymously about Iowa football.

What do Big Ten coaches really think about Iowa's football program heading into the 2017 season?

With the cover of anonymity, a few of them spoke to Athlon Sports about the Hawkeyes, and the other 13 Big Ten programs.

Most of the coaches are fairly complimentary about Kirk Ferentz and his club, but think they will fall short of being a contender to go back to the Rose Bowl, where they topped out a few seasons ago.

A few of our favorite quotes from the piece:

"Ferentz is locked up on that deal for a reason; he’s one of the most consistent coaches in America at elevating mediocre talent. They shouldn’t be able to compete the way they do."

"You play an Iowa team and they’re going to want to fight you, the offensive line and their defense especially."

"They just need some stars. No one can explain why they can’t win a big recruiting battle once in a while. They have so many tough, fundamentally sound players. They’ve never had one or two exceptional skill guys to put them over the top against the best teams in the league.”

Some fans are annoyed with the program's perceived ceiling under Ferentz, but he does have them Hawkeyes pretty competitive most years, and occasionally great, like in 2015. Most programs would sign for that, even if they wouldn't want to admit it.

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