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Check Out Iowa Football's Brand New Field Design

For the first time in decades, Iowa football has a logo at midfield of Kinnick Stadium.

According to The Des Moines Register, Iowa last used a midfield logo from 1972-1980, when Kinnick featured a black block 'I' logo.

Luckily for Iowa fans, the athletic department has realized that it has one of the coolest logos in college sports, and the Tigerhawk has been added to the gridiron.

The school announced the logo back in June, and today, is running a live stream as it is installed.

The stream is still running but the work is pretty much done.

We're sure there will be more tradition-focused fans who don't like the change, but it looks pretty sharp to me.

Fans will get a look at the new field, and the 2017 edition of the Hawkeyes, in action on September 2, when Iowa hosts Wyoming.