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Iowa Is Getting Bashed For Its Play Call That Led To A Safety

Iowa gets safetied vs. Penn State.

This was an interesting decision, to say the least.

Iowa trails No. 4 Penn State 5-0 in the second quarter in Iowa City. The Hawkeyes are playing great defense but have struggled offensively.

The offensive low point of the first half was this ill-fated play call that led to a safety. With the ball on the three-yard-line, Iowa called a FB Fake HB Toss, as the play is entitled in Madden.

Let's just say it works better in the video games. Penn State defensive end Shareef Miller was not fooled.

Needless to say, Twitter ripped into the call.

Fortunately for Iowa, they still trail only 5-0.

However, it is a legitimate question to ask if they can score offensively tonight.

Update: Well, I stand corrected. The Hawkeyes did score on offense, after linebacker Josey Jewell gave them excellent field position with an interception.