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Iowa State AD Responds To Allegations Of Mistreating Iowa Band

A member of Iowa marching band performing during a football game.

IOWA CITY, IA - NOVEMBER 14: A member of the Iowa Hawkeye marching band performs before the match-up against the Minnesota Gophers on November 14, 2015 at Kinnick Stadium, in Iowa City, Iowa. (Photo by Matthew Holst/Getty Images)

Out of all the storylines that emerged following the Iowa-Iowa State game last week, who would have guessed that Iowa band mistreatment drama would last the longest?

There have been allegations of "inappropriate actions" directed against the Iowa Hawkeyes band by members of the Iowa State community in the Cy-Hawk game last Saturday. The visiting Hawkeyes won that game 18-17.

Iowa athletic director Gary Barda made a statement on the alleged incidents several days ago. Now the Iowa State athletic department has responded.

Speaking to the media on Tuesday, Iowa State athletic director Jamie Pollard indicated he had very little knowledge on what exactly happened. He stated that information on the specific allegations have not been made available to him yet.

Via Cyclone Fanatic:

 “It’s tough to comment on this situation because all we know is that Iowa issued a press release... I couldn’t tell you what happened, when it happened or where it happened. No one’s been able to ascertain that information or provide it to us...

Pollard stated that until he knows exactly what the "inappropriate actions" entail, he can't make a determination.

“Tell me what happened, where it happened and when it happened and I’ll bet we’ve got a video of it happening... OK? But gotta know that to be able to figure it out. And I’ll just conclude with this, is we love having the Iowa band here. We welcome it. It’s a big part of the collegiate environment.”

This has certainly been one of the stranger stories in the history of the Iowa vs. Iowa State Cy-Hawk rivalry. It may get even weird if and when we find out exactly what happened to the Iowa band.

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