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Look: Jeopardy! Contestants Fail To Answer Simple Question About Iowa

Jeopardy! logo before the game.


The contestants who qualify for Jeopardy! are undoubtedly some of the smartest people in the world. However, it appears sports questions are their kryptonite.

On Friday's episode of Jeopardy!, one of the questions in the opening round said "The Hawkeyes' home is this two-word town."

Only one contestant on Friday's episode buzzed in an answer. However, they were ultimately wrong because they guessed Des Moines.

The correct answer that Jeopardy! was looking for was Iowa City.

The responses to this Jeopardy! clip are quite entertaining.

"I would have said Lincoln, just to for fun," one fan said.

"I swear…the only town in Iowa this country knows is Des Moines," another fan said.

"Gotta be a Nebraska fan," a third fan wrote.

To be honest, it would've been pretty funny if a contestant said Nebraska.