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Kirk Ferentz Had Some Baffling Answers When Asked About Kicking Field Goal Down 14-6 Late In 4th Quarter

Kirk Ferentz was asked about an extremely questionable decision to attempt a field goal down 14-6 with just 5:25 remaining in today's game against Wisconsin. His answers were not impressive.

Wisconsin won today's Big Ten West battle 17-9, helped by Iowa's decision to opt for a field goal instead of a potentially game-tying touchdown late in the fourth.

On 4th and 5, with 5:25 remaining, Ferentz sent out kicker Keith Duncan, who promptly missed the 38-yard attempt.

When asked about the decision after the game, Ferentz's answers were pretty baffling.

With a conversion, and an eventual touchdown, Iowa would have had a chance to tie the game. Instead, Ferentz opted to try for a field goal, to cut the lead to 14-9, despite the fact that Iowa would still need a touchdown against Wisconsin's awesome defense, after getting the ball back from the Badgers. The missed field goal makes it look even worse, but the process here was awful to begin with.

Wisconsin wound up driving for a field goal to push the lead to 17-6. Iowa responded with a field goal of its own on the subsequent drive to cut Wisconsin's lead to 17-9, but with just 43 seconds remaining, it was way too little, too late. There's a great chance that Wisconsin would've stopped Iowa on the 4th down play, but that was clearly Iowa's best chance to pick up the win.

On September 6, Kirk Ferentz received a big contract extension, keeping him in Iowa City through 2026. Since that move, Iowa is 4-3, with three losses at home to North Dakota State, Northwestern, and now, the Badgers.