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Kirk Ferentz Settles Lawsuit With Neighbors

Kirk Ferentz wearing a hoodie on the sideline.

Kirk Ferentz and his neighbors have settled a lawsuit stemming from a years-long dispute.

Kirk Ferentz has called Iowa his home since 1999. He is the longest-tenure head coach at the FBS level.

Not everyone has been thrilled with Ferentz during that span, however. We're not just talking about those who were upset with some down stretches in the mid-2000s and early 2010s.

Ferentz and his wife live in a private community outside of Iowa State. They have been dealing with a dispute with neighbors for much of that time.

In September, a court ruled that the Ferentzes did not have to form a local homeowners' association. The group was former in 2015 to address road repairs and other issues within the private community.

The Ferentzes are reportedly very concerned about privacy. It is understandable, considering his very public position within the community.

Ferentz is the state's highest-paid public employee. He will make a projected $5.2 million this year.

The lawsuit that was set to hit trial today was going to decide if the family violated a previous neighborhood code by planting trees to add to the privacy of the property. From The Associated Press:

"A judge is expected to decide whether the Ferentzes breached a 2001 agreement and trespassed by planting trees and installing landscaping items that neighbors say encroach onto Saddle Club Road."

With the previous decision, a judge determined that the Ferentzes would not have to join the homeowners association, freeing them from paying nearly $10,000 in road repairs. In this issue, however, the Iowa coach and his wife have settled, AP reports:

Details of the settlement weren’t released. But attorney Adam Tarr, who represents the neighbors and their homeowners association, said the deal calls for the parties to dismiss the litigation within 30 days and record new association bylaws and property agreements governing their relationship.

“Our clients are happy with the result and look forward to working with the Ferentzes instead of against them,” Tarr said. The neighbors include a prominent developer and a star university radiation oncologist.

Mark Roberts, an attorney for the Ferentzes, said his clients were also pleased, adding: “The neighbors will all be glad to resolve this matter without a trial.”

One of the complaints that this more recent lawsuit dealt with was football related. It stemmed with numerous cars being parked on the private road for team-related meetings.

A judge ruled in September that the Ferentzes weren’t required to join the association. Tuesday’s trial was scheduled to determine whether the Ferentzes would be required to remove or trim landscaping and whether the couple should pay damages for any alleged easement violations, including football-related meetings in which many cars would park on the road.

Luckily, it appears that everything is heading down a more amicable road now. Kirk Ferentz is entering his 20th season as head coach of the Hawkeyes.

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