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Larry The Cable Guy Apologizes For Saying Nebraska Would 'Never' Lose To Iowa

Larry the Cable Guy with a fellow die-hard Nebraska fan.


Like many other college football fans, Nebraska die-hard Larry the Cable Guy is prone to making grand declarations about his team. Last season, during a charity golf tournament in Iowa, he said something that certainly fit the bill.

Amid a particularly middling portion of Nebraska football history, the famous stand-up comedian declared that the Hawkeyes would "never beat Nebraska again." At the time, Iowa had won three of four against Larry's team.

From Iowa columnist Rick Brown:

That prediction did not quite pan out. Iowa smacked Nebraska 56-14 this season, to make it four wins in the last five years. Most haven't been particularly close either.

Nebraska's sole win during that run, the 2014 game, was a 37-34 overtime victory. Iowa's four wins have come by an average of over 25 points.

Larry the Cable Guy is back at the same Iowa event this week, and was naturally asked about his prediction.

He apologized to "the entire state of Iowa," and then immediately doubled down on the original prediction. From The Des Moines Register:

“I must have had one of them vodka-punch deals that day that they had on one of those holes — just an idiotic statement."


“I apologize to the entire state of Iowa,” he said with a straight face, before amending his summer of 2017 claim with this new one:

“Nebraska will never lose another football game against Iowa — after this season.”

Larry has good reason to be optimistic, even if Iowa is pretty likely to beat Nebraska some time during the rest of time. His second team is UCF, the last stop for new Nebraska coach Scott Frost. He is pretty pumped about the new Huskers head man.

“Scott Frost is a heck of a coach," Larry said said his comedy schtick suddenly turning serious, "We got the coach we wanted. We didn’t just get a coach because he’s from Nebraska and because he won a national title and because he’s from Wood River.

“We got a coach everybody wanted — Tennessee wanted him and Florida wanted him because he’s a good coach.”

Finally, Nebraska got him.

“We wanted Scott Frost before they got Riley,” Larry said. “We finally got a coach that knows the culture of Nebraska football.

“Give us some time to rebuild. By years three, four and five, Iowa will never beat Nebraska again in football.

“And believe me, I love Iowa.”

We'll have to check back in with this one next June.

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