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Photo: Iowa Sends Jameer Outsey 9-Piece Puzzle Showing Him Standing In Kinnick Stadium

Didn't look like a tough one.

As far as I can tell, there are three major trends in college football at the moment: chrome helmets,ice cream trucks, and now, recruiting puzzles. That's right, puzzles.

Two months ago, linebacker Jameer Outsey pledged his commitment to the Iowa Hawkeyes football program. His commitment is solid and the Iowa staff plans on keeping it that way, so it sends him interesting mail hyping up the Hawkeye experience. Yesterday, Outsey received 10 letters from the staff in the mail, and nine of them were puzzle pieces that fit to form a pretty cool picture:

The staff put a picture of Outsey in his high school uniform shadowed on a pretty cool photo of Kinnick Stadium -- I guess it's not too hard for Jameer to envision himself playing for the Hawkeyes in the near future.