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Tennessee Fans Helped Drink EverBank Field Out Of Whiskey During TaxSlayer Bowl

What's your drink of choice when watching your favorite college football team play in its bowl game? If you answered "whiskey" before you were even done reading that question, you likely either support Tennessee or Iowa. According to UT head coach Butch Jones, Vols fans helped EverBank Field sell out of whiskey for the first time ever during the TaxSlayer Bowl. While much of the damage was likely done by Tennessee supporters, Iowa fans, who watched their team lose 45-28, probably chipped in too.

Via Ryan Callahan of 247 Sports:

">May 14, 2015

We're not sure whether to be impressed or worried. If Tennessee reaches a bowl game again in 2015, you can bet that whichever stadium the Vols are playing in will be stocked.