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Watch: Fox Sports' Joel Klatt Fires Back At Colin Cowherd Over Iowa Criticism

Colin Cowherd speaking on his radio show.


Fox Sports' Joel Klatt called out one of his colleagues on the air.

FS1 radio host Colin Cowherd is known for his frequent, outspoken criticism of Iowa football. He's called them a fraud and the Fake ID of college football, mocking them for their non-conference schedule and for beating inferior competition.

Yesterday, Cowherd received some pushback for his opinions from an unlikely source: Fox Sports colleague Joel Klatt.

Klatt, who is a prominent college football analyst with the network, took exception to Cowherd ridiculing Iowa while simultaneously praising the San Francisco 49ers' 2017 draft haul. You see, new 49ers general manager John Lynch drafted two Hawkeyes: quarterback C.J. Beathard and tight end George Kittle.

Here is some of the transcription of the exchange, courtesy of The Comeback.

Cowherd: We’ve got about a minute here. The Fake ID of college football, Iowa …

Klatt: Listen, you come out here and you’re praising John Lynch and the 49ers …

Cowherd: GREAT draft …

Klatt: You’re trying to jump on this Iowa bandwagon, I’m not gonna allow it. I’m not gonna allow you to jump on the bandwagon of [former Iowa quarterback] C.J. Beathard and [former Iowa tight end] George Kittle and say what great picks they were when you’ve been bashing Iowa for the past year-and-a-half. That’s a good program up there.

Cowherd: Oh, yeah, who they playing to start the season this year?

Klatt: I don’t care, who does anyone play to start the season this year?

Cowherd: I … I’m … I’m not anti-individual player.

Klatt: If you’re gonna get on the schedule, at least the Big Ten plays nine conference games. The SEC’s playing eight conference games.

Cowherd: The SEC’s embarrassing, I’ll acknowledge that, but Iowa could do themselves a favor and find somebody that I’ve heard of.

Klatt: I am not going to allow you, listeners, listen, hold Colin accountable. You can not allow him to praise the 49ers’ draft, because he’s been bashing Iowa for two years. You can’t get on the bandwagon now. Sorry. George Kittle and C.J. Beathard are giving you the finger right now.

You can check out the full video below.

Cowherd likely won't stop his treatment of Iowa, but at least Hawkeye fans can take comfort in the fact they have an ally in Klatt.

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