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Iowa RB Charged For the Second Time In Two Days

Another off-season incident in college football.

Iowa running back De'Andre Johnson is used to moving fast but it's normally not frowned upon. This time is was, however, as according to The Gazette, he was charged with speeding and eluding on Saturday. Johnson was reportedly going 60 mph in a 25 zone, and then refused to pull over when he was initially flagged down.

This would be bad enough in its own right, but just two days earlier, he had already been cited for keeping a disorderly house, as noted by HawkCentral. Disorderly house is essentially a college-party charge -- that's what they call it in Iowa.

As a result of the second incident in just three days, Iowa coach Kirk Ferentz had no choice but to suspend him.

It's a good thing football camp is right around the corner, because it appears that a lot of athletes need something to keep them out of trouble.