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Is Madison The Best College Football Town?

We know there are other opinions out there. We want them. Share please.

The readers of USA Today seem to think so.

Nearly 50,000 people voted and picked the home of the Badgers as the best place in the country to take in a football game.

Bleacher Report's Adam Kramer offered this thoughts:

 Bloody Marys, cheese curds and a sea of red - the fine folks at the University of Wisconsin know how to fortify themselves for a long Saturday. Eventually, the cheese gives way to some sort of delicious grill item (preferably brats), and Madisonians have mastered the art of timing. The surrounding neighborhoods give game day a cozy feeling, and each Badger home game feels more like a family reunion. When the anthem 'Jump Around' is played between the 3rd and 4th quarters at Camp Randall, this family comes together to form one of college football's loudest, warmest stadium-rattling traditions.

College Spun readers, what say ye?