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ESPN's Kirk Herbstreit Agrees With Jim Harbaugh About Big Ten Visitor Locker Rooms

ESPN's Kirk Herbstreit weighed in on Jim Harbaugh's complaints about visitor locker rooms in the Big Ten, and he's on the Michigan head coach's side.

After the Wolverines' game at Purdue, Harbaugh called the conditions in West Lafayette "unsportsmanlike," with outdated equipment and no air conditioning despite temperatures approaching 90 degrees on Saturday.

Herbstreit responded to the story via Twitter on Monday evening, and he is right there with Harbaugh.

The former Ohio State quarterback called the problem across the Big Ten "embarrassing" and "disturbing."

Purdue did respond to Harbaugh's comments, saying that Michigan staff conducted a walk-through of its facilities back in July. It is unclear whether Harbaugh was aware of the issues ahead of time, but either way, it does seem like this is more of a league-wide issue than a potshot at Purdue specifically.