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Maryland's Melo Trimble Says He's "50-50" On Staying In NBA Draft Or Returning To School

Melo Trimble's decision on his future is basically a coin flip right now. 

Maryland's star point guard has declared for the NBA Draft and is at the combine in Chicago this week, but he hasn't hired an agent. So, he can return to school if he wants to. 

Right now, returning for his junior season looks like it might be the best decision. Trimble struggled down the stretch of the 2015-16 season and had a rough first day at the combine.

ESPN's Jeff Goodman says Trimble is one of two players who NBA personnel say definitely need to go back for another year.

">May 13, 2016

Trimble has yet to make up his mind, though.He told ESPN's Andy Katz that he's "50-50" on returning to school or staying in the draft. 

">May 13, 2016

Currently, Trimble is projected to be - at best - a second-round pick in the June 23 NBA Draft.

The NBA Combine runs through May 15 and Trimble has until May 25 to make his decision. He told reporters on Thursday that he plans on taking until then to make up his mind.