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ESPN's Scott Van Pelt Agrees To Finish Maryland Student Sports Radio Station Fundraiser

Scott Van Pelt talks about the College Football Playoff.


Scott Van Pelt is a proud Maryland alumnus, and proved it once again today, agreeing to finish off funding for a student radio station after a broadcaster reached out via Twitter.

With over $1,200 to go to reach WMUC's $8,000 goal, student broadcaster Liam Beatus cold tweeted Van Pelt this afternoon about the fundraiser. He probably didn't expect a direct response, but he got one.

Beatus was clearly pretty excited about the whole thing.

Here's where Van Pelt's money (and the $6,840 that has already been raised) is going, from the GoFundMe-style Maryland fundraiser page:

What we need: Our goal of $8,000 will replenish what we have spent in the last two years. We have learned that it costs approximately $4,000 to travel per year; although our hope is we will be successful in expanding the fund to allow us to spend $5,000 per year so we can cover more soccer, women's basketball and lacrosse. The more money we raise, the more away games we can bring to the airwaves. It costs a lot of money to be in the Big Ten and travel, but we are committed to using our resources in the best way possible.

Well done, SVP.