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Video: Fan Suffers Hilarious Fall During Halftime Show

a fan in the stands of the maryland-wisconsin game

COLLEGE PARK, MD - NOVEMBER 07: A fan dressed as a shark cheers as the Maryland Terrapins play the Wisconsin Badgers during the first half at Byrd Stadium on November 7, 2015 in College Park, Maryland.(Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

Although the actual game between Illinois and Maryland was extremely entertaining, the most memorable moment came from the halftime show.

With Madison Square Garden hosting these Big Ten programs, it is only fitting that fans compete in an epic contest during intermission.

The halftime show consisted of fans playing 'Dizzy Bat,' which involves the participant leaning over and spinning around with their head placed on the end of a bat.

However, this version was slightly different because it also involved the contestant going the length of the court to score a basket.

Unfortunately for one person in attendance, it resulted in him becoming the star of a video going viral on Twitter.

Here is the clip:

Spinning in circles clearly disrupted his balance, as he couldn't even drive to the hoop without falling on the hardwood.

As for the actual basketball game that took place this afternoon, the Fighting Illini stunned the Terrapins in a huge upset.

Similar to the fan that participated in 'Dizzy Bat,' Maryland fell awfully hard in the second half.