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Adreian Payne And Cancer Patient Lacey Holsworth Share Their Story

Making a difference.

Earlier this year, the Big Ten Network featured a segment on Adreian Payne and his relationship with a seven-year-old cancer patient on The Journey. Lacey Holsworth is Payne's biggest fan on and off the court, and they both support each other through the obstacles they face.

Now, they have an opportunity to make an even bigger impact by sharing their story at Dick Vitale's Charity Gala. The two will take the stage at the event in Sarasota, Florida and share Lacey's story on battling neuroblastoma in front of a sold out crowd at the Ritz-Carlton. The celebrity gala is expected have 70 other sports celebrities and other families of cancer patient telling their stories.

Lacey will be joined with her parents, Payne and Tom Izzo at the charity event , which raises money for the V Foundation in honor of the Jim Valvano who died of cancer in 1993. The proceeds will go towards pediatric cancer research.