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Brady Hoke Doesn't Think Taylor Lewan Should Be Suspended For Helmet Twist

Agree to disagree.

Michigan senior offensive lineman Taylor Lewan is regarded as one of the best college football players in the country and is slated to soon be a first round NFL draft pick. But he's also quickly gaining a reputation for being a dirty player. The video below, which shows Lewan twisting Spartans safety Isaiah Lewis' facemask on the ground this past Saturday, isn't doing wonders to help that image.

But if Lewan is to miss any time on the field as punishment, it'll have to come at the Big Ten's request. His coach, Brady Hoke, doesn't think Lewan should be suspended for the move. He made that clear this afternoon:

While it's not surprising to hear that Hoke is standing up for his guy, he's sure to be criticized for not holding his players accountable for dirty play. We'll find out what the Big Ten thinks soon enough.