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Report: Brandan Kearney Transferring From Michigan State


According to the Detroit Free Press, Tom Izzo announced Friday that sophomore guard Brandan Kearney has decided to leave Michigan State. The move leaves coaches, fans, and players shocked.

“He came back from Christmas and just informed me that he thinks he’s better off going somewhere else, not really happy with his role,” Izzo said. Derrick Nix also weighed in on the Kearney's transfer, “I didn’t know it was coming. Like coach said, everybody’s not happy everywhere,” Nix said. “At one point of time I wasn’t happy, but usually when you’re playing you don’t want to leave so that’s kind of confusing because it kind of threw everybody off. Hopefully he makes the best decision for him I hope he’s happy where he goes.”

Kearney was currently averaging 16.9 minutes per game and made an appearance in all of MSU's 13 games this season.