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College Spun’s Staff Picks For Week 4 Of The 2015 Season

Staff pciks for week 4 of the college football season.

Week three of the college football season delivered, yet again, further adding to the confusion regarding the playoff picture. In our current College Football Playoff rankings, we only have teams from two conferences - the SEC and the Big Ten - in the field. But that'll change by the end of the year, given the fact that some of those teams have to play each other.

Last week, it was Ole Miss' victory over Alabama that served as the most interesting contest of the weekend. Which will it be this Saturday? Utah vs Oregon? USC vs. Arizona State? UCLA vs. Arizona?

We've made our picks for the week. Check them out below:

Staff predicts who will win this weeks college football games.
College Football selections from College Spun staff.
Staff picks for college football games for week 4 of the season.

Who do you have?