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Dan Dakich And Former MSU LB Darien Harris Engaged In A Twitter Spat

This was a good one.

ESPN's Dan Dakich is not shy about expressing his opinions on Twitter. That often leads to him getting into it with other people. Just look at his recent beefs that have happened in the last two weeks alone, or the time a former Indiana quarterback challenged him to a fight.

Today, Dakich commented on Michigan State running back L.J. Scott, who is playing today despite being arrested for driving on a suspended license during the week. It was the seventh time that Scott has been charged with that or something similar recently, though this appears to be the first time he was arrested.

Anyway, here was Dakich.

And here is former Michigan State linebacker Darien Harris firing back, which started an exchange.

Things got heated.

That's the end of it, though Dakich continued to spar with Spartan fans and at least one MSU beat writer.

Just a typical day at the office for a guy who enjoys "telling it like it is" and seems to relish spats like these.