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"I Despise Twitter" Tom Izzo Doesn't Appear To Be Too Happy Taking This Twitter Selfie

Tom Izzo doesn't just dislike Twitter, he "despises" it. 

"I despise Twitter. I compare it to getting drunk — and I don’t drink. But it’s like getting drunk," the Michigan State coach said in an interview this past November. 

Another thing Izzo has said about Twitter: “I don’t think social media is beneficial to any person on the planet.”

This leads us to this afternoon, when Izzo, at the Final Four in Houston, had to take a selfie for the @FinalFour's Twitter account. 


— Final Four Houston (@FinalFour)

Tom Izzo + @TwitterMirror = Awesomeness.

— Final Four SATX (@FinalFour) April 1, 2016

">April 1, 2016

Yep, that looks like a 61-year-old college basketball coach who despises Twitter.