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Jemele Hill Weighs In On Michigan State Adding Back Player Who Called Teammate N-Word

Jemele Hill talking on ESPN.

Jemele Hill is a notable Michigan State alumna and die-hard fan. As you would imagine, she has some thoughts on the Jon Reschke reinstatement decision.

Reschke is set to return to the team after being away for 17 months. He will be a sixth-year linebacker for the Spartans.

He was originally kicked off the team for using the N-word in a text message about a Michigan State teammate. He will return as a non-scholarship player.

Mark Dantonio asked his players to decide whether to allow him to rejoin the team. Some of the team's stars, of all races, weighed in on that decision. From

"As a team, collectively, I think we made the right decision on bringing him back into the team," Michigan State senior running back LJ Scott said.


"Everybody was cool with it and then he came in and talked to us and apologized," Scott said of Reschke. "It brought tears to his face. I really was looking at him and I was watching how much this really means to him and how much he really misses us and how much he really wants to be with this team."


"We took a vote on it, we talked about it as a team and Coach D's main point was that if it would cause a rift in our locker room, then there's no way he's coming back," said Michigan State redshirt junior quarterback Brian Lewerke, who is white. "There's no reason to do that, we've got a fine team right now."

Jemele Hill addressed the entire Jon Reschke reinstatement situation, the team vote, and how fans will react in a recent Twitter thread.

The situation is made more interesting on the heels of the situation with Milwaukee Brewers All-Star pitcher Josh Hader. After incredibly racist old tweets were uncovered while he was on the mound in the All-Star Game, he received a very tone-deaf standing ovation by many fans when he pitched the other night.

Hill's points are pretty measured, and worth a read:

We'll see if Michigan State fans take heed. The Spartans open at home against Utah State on Friday, August 31.