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Magic Johnson "Can't Wait" To Smash A Pie in Mike Golic's Face

Mike and Mike co-host Mike Golic made a bet with Magic Johnson and ESPN's Jemele Hill over the results of the Michigan State - Notre Dame game. He lost.

Much to the dismay of Notre Dame alum Mike Golic and much to the elation of Michigan State alums Jemele Hill and Magic Johnson, Notre Dame fell to Michigan State over the weekend, losing 36-28. That gives the Fighting Irish a record of 1-2, with little hope of making the College Football Playoff. On the other side, it gives the Spartans a lot more credibility sitting at 2-0 with a convincing win over a top team. This just might be their year.

More importantly though, it seals Mike Golic's fate. Not only will Golic receive a pie to the face that Magic has promised he will "take his time with," but he'll receive it in a Michigan State jersey for added humiliation.

Watch Johnson deliver a monologue fit for a villain as Golic sits in dejected silence:

In addition to the pie abuse, he'll also be eating ghost pepper hot sauce personally guaranteed by Hill to upset his bowels, at least to the point of needing "wipes."

How spicy will the sauce be, you might be wondering? Let Johnson answer that for you:

"I want his tongue to hang out and I want him to be sweating as he eats these peppers."


The moral of the story? Do not make bets with Magic Johnson or Jemele Hill.