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Listen: Mark Dantonio Hangs Up On Radio Show After Getting Frustrated With Questions

Michigan State head coach Mark Dantonio is usually a pretty friendly guy, but Wednesday morning, he apparently boiled over enough to hang up on radio show hosts Mike North and Andy Furman. Dantonio appeared on FOX Sports Daybreak to talk Spartans football, but clearly wasn't thrilled with the line of questioning he faced.

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The gist? North and Furman picked Dantonio's brain about Jim Harbaugh, Connor Cook not being named a captain in 2015 and the "lack of respect" Michigan State gets as a program. Dantonio seemed more interested in talking about his 2016 squad, and eventually just removed himself from the situation.

We've also transcribed the entire Mark Dantonio interview, which was less than three minutes, below.

North: "You've done a tremendous job out there coach and you've had the odds stacked against you like our buddy Tom Izzo. And you've done nothing but build a program, but I've got to ask you this because even in the radio business, whenever there is a new kid in town, whenever there is a new talk show host in town, you know what, you start taking a look at him. I want to know if, at all, and I think you're an honest guy. Has Jim Harbaugh gotten into your head a little bit with some of his antics and some of the things that he's doing at the neighboring school?"

Dantonio: "Well, you know from day one when we came here, we've always competed with the school down the road. That's something natural that we have to deal with. So far so good. We focus on what we do. That's what I'm trying to do around here and that's what our players do as well, just like this morning."

Furman: "Coach, Connor Cook leaves your program with a record of 34-5, a team leader. I was somewhat shocked when I read last year that he was not named captain by his teammates. Was there any reason why? I thought it was somewhat unusual that a quarterback was not voted captain by his teammates."

Dantonio: "That's 2015, we're past that."

North: "Hey coach, do you eat pasta with Izzo? Do you guys get together and eat pasta? Do you guys hang out together?

Dantonio: "Yeah, Tom's right down the street from me, about five houses. So we're really great friends. Great guy. Been very much involved in our program as well. You know, they've set the tone for our program. You know, they've won championships and things of that nature. So we try to emulate a lot of their things. The competitive attitude, the communication they have during practice are things that we're trying to emulate as well. So it's one of those deals."

Furman: "Michigan State now one of six 'Power 5' schools with a winning percentage of .800 or better since the year 2010. Do you feel coach that maybe you don't get the respect nationally because of those statistics? I don't see it."

Dantonio: "Well you know we've been in the top 10 the last three years. I don't know. You do what you do. You guys are the guys always talking out there and you ask questions sometimes that don't really make a lot of sense. You know, at this point in time we just focus on the future and we're primed to do great things here in 2016 so we'll be ready."

North: "Yeah that one where the coach says that you guys ask questions that don't make any sense, that hit close to home with me coach I have to be honest with you. But I understand perfectly what you're talking about. I got to ask you about the state of your ballclub now. Any injuries? And who is the new kid in town behind center?"

North: "Coach? Coach is gone. He hung up! You got him all hot! Forget about it!"

Michigan State kicks off its 2016 campaign against Furman on Friday, September 2.