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Will Mark Dantonio Survive ESPN OTL's Bombshell Report On Michigan State?

Mark Dantonio gives press conference ahead of Ohio State game.

ESPN released a bombshell report on Michigan State's athletic department on Friday.

Friday afternoon, ESPN Outside the Lines reporter Paula Lavigne dropped a bombshell report regarding how Michigan State has been handling sexual assault, violence and gender discrimination complaints in recent years. Lavigne contends that Michigan State's transgressions go "well beyond" just what the public has seen with former gymnastics physician Larry Nassar.

Lavigne's report details a number of incidents involving both head football coach Mark Dantonio and head men's basketball coach Tom Izzo. Some of the findings regarding the school's football program have many wondering whether Dantonio will keep his job in the aftermath.

There are two main segments of Lavigne's piece that could spell trouble for Dantonio. One has to do with a press conference from this past June.

Since Dantonio's tenure began in 2007, at least 16 MSU football players have been accused of sexual assault or violence against women, according to interviews and public records obtained by Outside the Lines. Even more, Dantonio was said to be involved in handling the discipline in at least one of the cases several years ago. As recently as June, Dantonio faced a crowd of reporters who were asking questions about four of his football players who had been accused of sexual assault. Six questions in, a reporter asked Dantonio how he had handled such allegations previously.

"This is new ground for us," Dantonio answered. "We've been here 11 years -- it has not happened previously."

The other involves a player, accused of sexual assault, allegedly calling his mother and telling her what he'd done as punishment.

Allswede told Outside the Lines that about seven years ago, an attorney from the university's general counsel's department came to her office to try to reassure her that coaches were taking allegations of sexual violence seriously. Allswede says the attorney told her how Dantonio, the football coach, had dealt with a sexual assault accusation against one of his players: He had the player talk to his mother about what he had done.

USA Today's Dan Wolken is openly wondering if Dantonio will retain his position in the aftermath of the report.

Dantonio has been at Michigan State since 2007 and he's amassed a 100-45 record with three Big Ten titles. We'll keep you updated on both his status and this developing story.