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Meet The Izzone's "Flannel Fun Guys", The Biggest MSU "Flans" In The Nation

The Izzone's finest.

Who are those guys in Michigan State's student section, the Izzone, that are always wearing matching flannel shirts?

Nathaniel Ellsworth, Brian Jenkins, James Mooney and Stephen Zingg are known as the 'Flannel Fun Guys', but are also just four best friends adding character to one of the nation's best student sections. The guys recently stopped by College Spun for an exclusive interview.

College Spun: So, why flannel?

Nathaniel: "It’s warm, loud, and has never been done in the Izzone before."

Stephen: "It’s not just the flannel, we also wear hats and glasses with no lenses. It’s a satirical ‘ode to hipsters."

James: "And the flannels have hoods too."

How did you come up with the Flannel Fun Guys and why?

James: "The Izzone is by far the best student section in the nation and has a history of great costumed members, including The Green Man, Bert and Ernie and Gumby. We wanted to show some of that famous pageantry in a way that hadn't been done yet."

Brian: "We were just tossing around ideas and the flannel stuck and just took off from there."

How long have you been a MSU Fan?

James: "Since birth, and seeing that my hometown guy, Charles Rogers, was tearing up the field solidified the love."

Nathaniel: "I've been a lifelong fan but it was heightened when I heard my hometown hero, Draymond Green, was coming here."

Brian: "I’m a third generation Spartan."

Stephen: "I was born and raised a fan, my mother is an alumni."

How did you guys meet?

Stephen: "James and I have gone to school together since pre-school and then James, Brian, and Nathaniel, all started working together on campus almost a year ago."

Do you have a specific spot in the Izzone?

Brian: "We always try to get to the front row behind the scorer’s table and closer to the opposing bench for prime heckling and cheering. We like the intimacy of the spot."

Why do you consider yourself MSU's #1 fan?

James: "We don’t consider ourselves MSU’s #1 fan in a literal sense; we are more like a physical manifestation of all the Spartan pride from every member of the Spartan family across the globe. But we are the number one 'flans'."

Are there any traditions or specific things that you do before a game or during the game?

Brian: "Before every game we meet for a pre-game meal at the Brody Cafeteria to mentally prepare, research our opponents, and of course get some food in to fuel us for the game."

Nathaniel: "We also make it a point to yell the “Eat ‘em up” cheer as loud as possible (it’s kind of a thing), start any appropriate cheers, and dance our faces off at halftime."

Is there anything else you would like to tell your fellow Spartans?

Everyone: "Win or lose, at least we’re not Wolverines!"