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Michigan-Michigan State Rivalry Has Taken To NBA Draft With Nik Stuaskas, Gary Harris

Nik Stuaskas and Gary Harris are both shooting guards. They both played college basketball in the state of Michigan, for Big Ten schools. Each spent two seasons in college before departing for the NBA. Stauskas and Harris both expect to be first round selections in the upcoming June 24 NBA Draft. 

One, Stauskas, is a Michigan Wolverine, the other, Harris, a Michigan State Spartan. The rivalry the duo had in college has spilled over into the process leading up to the NBA Draft, as the player's similarities have them competing for draft stock. 

">June 11, 2014

Is there still a competition between the former All-Big Ten guards?

"Obviously, we have a rivalry because of the teams we played for and we are such big rivals in terms of that, the positions and roles we played," Stauskas told the Sporting News. "But we beat them twice this year.

"He played pretty well against us, but we won the games and I had some good games going against him this year, too, I had good games against his team. They did beat us in the (Big Ten) tournament, so he has that, but I think if you look at it overall in the rivalry, I got the better of him. We won twice."

Stauskas averaged 17.5 points per game in 2013-14 and was the Big Ten's Player of the Year. Harris tallied 16.7 points a contest. Both are expected to be potential lottery picks. 

"Not taking anything away from Nik, he's a great player, but I like my chances," Harris said. "I like what I can do with my ability to play offense and defense and go out there and compete. And I really don't get caught up in any of that because at the end of day we're past college and we're getting ready for the NBA." currently has Stauskas going No. 9 to Charlotte and Harris going No. 14 to Phoenix. 

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