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Michigan State Fan Cries Over MSU Fans Selling Tickets To Michigan Fans

One Michigan State Fan got a little emotional at the prospect that Spartan fans would sell their tickets to Michigan fans.

The Michigan State - Michigan rivalry is one of the oldest in college football, and like most sports rivalries, fans are emotionally invested and take it pretty seriously. They see their team and its successes and failures as an integral part of their identity.

One MSU fan, who we only know as Tom, was moved to tears at the idea that Michigan State fans would betray their school by commodifying their sacred tickets and dealing them to Michigan fans.

Tom didn't mess around when he called into the Staudt on Sports radio show:

"...These Spartan fans, to think they'd sell their tickets to Michigan, shame on em. That's all."

Skip ahead to 1:20 to hear it for yourself:


At first, like the hosts, I couldn't help but laugh at Tom. Come on man, it's just sports, get a grip, I thoughtBut he's so earnest in his delivery, you kind of have to feel for the guy. He just wants to live in a world where everyone is a loyal fan like himself.

Michigan State faces off against Michigan October 29.