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Michigan State Football: MSU Football Self-Reported A Recruiting Violation For A 1-On-1 Basketball Game Between A Recruit And Coach

When it comes to low-level NCAA violations, we'll believe pretty much anything at this point. From South Carolina getting dinged for putting "impermissible icing" on cookie cakes to Jim Harbaugh having to self-report donations that he made to former classmate's benefit auction. Today, we have a story from Michigan State football, which had to report a Level III violation after 2015 signee Khari Willis played one-on-one basketball against assistant coach Harlon Barnett. 

To add insult to injury—or injury to insult, we guess—Barnett tore his Achilles tendon during the game. has more:

The game was only a few minutes old when Barnett, a former Spartans' All-American and NFL cornerback, suffered a torn Achilles while playing the former Jackson Lumen Christi standout.


"He backed coach Barnett right up underneath the basket, blew out his Achilles,'' Dantonio said at the time.

It turned out that what Dantonio and Barnett thought was a harmless pickup game turned out to be deemed a Level III violation.

A Level III violation is defined by the NCAA as: "Violations that are isolated or limited in nature; provide no more than a minimal recruiting, competitive or other advantage; and do not include more than a minimal impermissible benefit."

Michigan State likely won't get in any trouble from this, but it is yet another example of a pretty silly thing turning into a violation.