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Michigan State Football Players Honor Mylan Hicks With Black No. 6 Shirts

Michigan State football players are wearing black No. 6 shirts this weekend to honor former Michigan State DB Mylan Hicks.

Michigan State football (2-1) travels to Bloomington, IN this week to take on the Indiana Hoosiers (2-1) in a crucial Big Ten matchup, but the Spartans will be doing so with a little more on their mind than football.

Last week, former Spartan safety and linebacker Mylan Hicks was killed in a Calgary nightclub shooting. He was 23.

This weekend, the players will be warming up in black No. 6 shirts to celebrate the life of a player who meant so much not just to the Michigan State football program, but to the people he connected with.

MSU head coach Mark Dantonio told the Detroit Free Press that Hicks was “A very competitive person and just enjoyed playing football and being around our program…He went 100 miles an hour. No. 6 was a beautiful person...He just lit a room up when he walked in.”

Hicks was a member of the 2013 Big Ten championship and Rose Bowl Team.

The Spartans take on the Indiana Hoosiers tonight at 8:00 p.m. ET.