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Michigan State Needs To Address Safety Concerns Outside The Breslin Center

More security for the Izzone?

For the Izzone members at Michigan State, waiting outside the student gate is hectic and irritating. Many students wait outside the Breslin Center for hours as the line continues to grow and wrap around a good portion of the arena. With the winter cold Michigan weather and the long wait many chose to encounter, tempers are bound to flair out of frustration.

Everyone knew how big the Michigan game was to not only the basketball team, but the fans as well. It was expected that security at the Breslin Center would have some type of order in place for the Izzone members who were waiting outside, but their plan (which wasn’t very well thought out) failed.

Their new approach consisted of putting up metal gates, not alongside the line, but within the line that could easily be knocked over by someone bumping into them. Not only did this not work, but it raised huge safety concerns. Luckily for everyone’s sake, some of the Izzone members took initiative and moved the gate to the outside of the line and explained to staff, who tried to put the gate back, that it was going to cause more problems where it was.

I will give security credit for trying something new out, but it is going to take a lot more than metal gates to keep the crowd outside under control. There is always going to be the issue of students “cutting” and pushing their way to the front, which unfortunately is hard to prevent. However, it is a completely different story that when doors open, students are getting injured, and the doors are forced open to the breaking point.

Many solutions have surfaced after the chaos of the last home game, including going back to assigned seating to avoid a frenzied crowd.

For tomorrow’s game against Indiana, it is expected to be as energetic and full of excitement as the Michigan game was. Hopefully, for everyone’s sake, there will be a more organized and efficient plan to get students in the door safely.