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MSU Player To Michigan Longsnapper: "If You Mess This Snap Up, Everybody's Gonna Hate You"

Michigan punter receives a long snap in game.

michigan michigan state hate you forever

By now, you've probably seen Michigan's botched punt against Michigan State last Saturday, which ultimately cost the Wolverines the game. But today, Spartans junior cornerback Jermaine Edmondson, via ESPN, told us what happened right before the play. According to Edmondson, one of his teammates trash-talked Michigan's longsnapper just before the snap, telling him "if you mess this snap up, everybody's gonna hate you."

">October 24, 2015

For the record, trash talk is part of the game. Players say far worse to each other on the field of play.

Ironically, despite a poor snap, Michigan's punter, Blake O'Neill, received most of the backlash.