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MSU Punter Mike Sadler Tweets Photo Of Mark Dantonio's Letter That Promised He'd Punt In The Rose Bowl

Promise kept.

College football coaches make a lot of promises when recruiting players to join their programs. The sell recruits on early playing time, tell them that they can send guys to the NFL with regularity, and promise that their team will play for conference and national titles. Obviously, not all of these promises come true, even if many are made with good intentions.

Michigan State punter Mike Sadler, however, is very pleased that Spartan head coach Mark Dantonio has kept a promise to him that he made right after Sadler committed to the program. Check out the letter that the junior punter has saved for several years:

The note reads:

Dear Mike,

Congratulations! We are all very excited about the future of MSU!

- Coach Dantonio

You will punt in the Rose Bowl.

It looks like Dantonio was right. The Spartans will take on Stanford in the Rose Bowl in Pasadena on January 1st.